An Azeri prisoner was hanged in Salmas prison

HRANA News Agency – On August 4 an Azeri citizen whose name was Peiman Ghane Kohneh Shahri was hanged in Salmas prison.


According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Execution verdict of Peiman Ghane Kohneh Shahri who was from Tazeh Shahr a town belongs to Salmas was enforced on charge of involvement in killing Ali Asghar Gholipoor in 2009.


The verdict was enforced while the streets around the prison were blocked due to physical clashes by his family during which they have been beaten.


Peiman was tortured in Salmas Police heavily which even resulted broken leg and hand.


Ali Asghar Gholipoor one of the shareholders of Pars factory was been kidnapped in 2009 while he was doing morning exercise nearby the Salmas cemetery by a group of armed men, and his body was found somewhere close to Delzi village belongs to Salmas.


According to the Salams Police chief, four men are involved and three of them are not arrested and concealed yet.

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