An Iraqi Kurd is in danger of imminent execution in Iran

HRANA News Agency – Recently the supreme court has confirmed the death verdict of Ali Ahmad Soleiman the kurdish political prisoner of Oroumiyeh on charge of intentional murder.


One of this prisoner’s relatives told HRANA correspondent “Ali Ahmad Soleiman who was sentenced to death by branch 5 of Oroumiyeh criminal court has been informed that his verdict has been confirmed by the supreme court as well.”


First Ali Ahmad Soleiman was sentenced to five years imprisonment on charge of membership and collaboration with a Kurdish political party. Despite of spending all of the five years imprisonment the prison authorities kept him in prison and also last year he was sentenced to one more year imprisonment on charge of being in touch Ahmad Shahid.


A source close to Ali Ahmad Soleiman told HRANA “The trial in accusation of murder was without his confession, neither mock murder scene nor the other formal process steps. The issued verdict was based on the pressure of the intelligence office on judiciary department and there is no rational reasoning in the supreme court to approve the accusation and confirm the verdict.”

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