Arash Sadeghi; Still in a Critical Health Condition

HRANA News Agency – The physical condition of Arash Sadeghi, civil rights activist in ward 350 of Evin prison, is still critical. Mr. Sadeghi is not able to eat solid food because of the development of ulcers and stomach bleeding and there is no food at the buffet of this ward, which is good for his physical condition. This prisoner suffers from chronic inflammatory diseases of the airways (asthma), bleeding in the stomach and intestinal colitis, due to a long-term hunger strike and lack of hospital treatment, and he is still deprived of medical treatment because of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards representative’s objection. On the other hand, Mr. Sadeghi and his wife, who is in the women’s ward in this prison, are both deprived of visiting each other.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ objection, the physical crisis of Arash Sadeghi, civil activist in ward 350 of Evin prison, continues.
An informed source, regarding Arash Sadeghi’s condition, told HRANA’s reporter: “Arash is still suffering from asthma, bleeding in the stomach and intestine and colon discomfort and they have become more severe. Lack of special food for him, as he cannot eat solid food due to his gastric ulcer and that no proper food is available at the buffet of ward 350, have doubled his problems.”
Mr. Sadeghi’s critical physical situation’s continuity along with the Revolutionary Guards’ opposing to sending him to the hospital is while this prisoner, since weeks ago, has been deprived of visiting his wife, Golrokh Irai who is held in the women’s ward of this prison.
HRANA had previously reported that Mr. Sadeghi, who suffers from aspiratory chronic inflammation disease (asthma), stomach bleeding and intestinal colitis, caused by long term hunger strike, has also got intestinal colitis.
Arash Sadeghi was transferred to Imam Khomeini hospital in Tehran and after some medical tests, on February 6, 2017, was returned to prison, while he had just ended his second hunger strike due to the prosecution’s promises.
This civil rights activist who had gone on hunger strike for the second time on January 22, at the same time as Golrokh Irai’s was arrested, was transferred to ward 350 on January 25, which is a place with minimum communication facilities with outside.
Mr. Sadeghi who started his second hunger strike just a few days after ending his first 71-day-long hunger strike, while being in a critical physical condition, has inappropriate health condition. Mr. Sadeghi had been transferred to ward 2-A of the Revolutionary Guards, in Evin prison, “under the pretext of” transition to hospital on January 25, and after three days he was transferred to ward 350. His personal belongings including his “watch and wedding ring” have disappeared in this moving.
Arash Sadeghi, civil activist imprisoned in Evin Prison, had started a hunger strike, demanding a fair trial to address the accusations against his wife, Golrokh Irai, which he ended after 71 days with the promise of considering his demands by the authorities, when his wife left the prison on January 3.
However, just after two weeks of sending Golrokh on leave, and while Arash had ended his hunger strike, the authorities breached their promise and arrested Mrs Irai and returned her to prison, on January 22, so that Arash, despite his very critical physical condition, due to his long term hunger strike, went on hunger strike again, to protest against the authorities breach of promises.
It should be mentioned that on his latest referral to the hospital the specialist doctor confirmed that he had stomach bleeding up to 12.5%, shortage of hemoglobin (anemia), serious and severe lung infection and had to be hospitalized for at least 4 to 5 days.
However, due to the prosecutor, prison security and Sarallh Corps pressure, this prisoner was returned to Evin prison on February 6, 2017.

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