Arjang Davoodi was transferred to ward 209 of Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – Arjang Davoodi, who was exiled to Bandar Abbas prison, has been transferred to ward 209 of Evin prison for another interrogation.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Arjang Davoodi, the political prisoner of central prison of Bandar Abbas, has been transferred first to the police station number 106 of Shahid Namjou in Tehran and then to branch number 26 of revolutionary court for new investigations regarding the charge of insulting the supreme leader, by chief judge Pirabbasi.
The chief judge Pirabbasi ordered him to be transferred to ward 209 of Evin prison for more interrogations, regarding the new case that is opened for him regarding insulting the supreme leader.
He will be tried next week.
This aged political prisoner who has been deprived of having furlough throughout all of serving his sentence period, was transferred from ward number 12 of Rajai Shahr prison to solitary confinements of ward 209 of Evin and after 127 days in solitary confinement he was exiled to Bandar Abbas prison.
Need to be mentioned, Arjang Davoodi has served his first 10 years in prison sentence, but due to profiling, his sentence period increased to 20 years and 8 months in prison.

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