10 prisoners back in ward 350 / hunger strike goes on

HRANA News Agency – 10 prisoners who were transferred to solitary confinement, are back to ward 350. Injured prisoners are still in solitary confinement and on hunger strike.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Davar Hossaini, Abdolfattah Soltani, Ali Asgari, Arash Hampay, Mostafa Abdi, Mostafa Rismanbaf, Amir Ghazian, Asadollah Hadi, Asadollah Asadi and Sohail Arabi are back to ward 350 on April 20th.
An informed source said to HRANA’s reporter, “Officers of ward 240 took all of the prisoners to washroom and after checking their bodies and injuries, sent back the prisoners who have less injuries, on Saturday morning. 19 other prisoners who have severe injuries are still kept in solitary confinement and are on hunger strike”.
Need to be mentioned, prisoner guards shaved the head of prisoners and had a very insulting behavior with them.
This source also said, “The hand of Samko Khelghati is broken, Mohammad Sadigh Kaboudvand is severely injured, Soroush Sabet’s head is broken, Yashar Daroshafa has back injuries and all are in solitary confinement”.
Khodabakhsi, the assistant persecutor and Mo`meni, the deputy of prison has visited prisoners last morning.
There is no news about Omid Behroozi which has torn artery, and Esmaeil Barzegar who has a broken bone in two places and is chained in prison’s clinic.
All of the prisoners in solitary confinement and 10 other who came back to ward 350 are in hunger strike.

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