My Bitter Memories:A Letter From Majid Tavakoli on the Anniversary of July 9th


HRANA- Majid Tavakoli, imprisoned student from Tehran’s Polytechnic University has written a letter on the eve of the anniversary of the attack on student dormitories on July 9, 1999.

In his letter received by HRANA, Majid Tavakoli writes, “The eleventh anniversary of July 9th has arrived, yet our pain still remains. When freedoms were threatened by the crimes of the chain murders and the shutting down of newspapers; once again university students rose up against authoritarianism but regrettably tragedy struck the university dormitory at the hands of criminals.”

Majid Tavakoli goes on to describe the attack in which student dormitories were heavily damaged and burned. “They broke and burned everything attacking students with batons, sticks and bullets. In the name of religion and the supreme leader they threw our schoolmates out of windows bringing upon us a bloody night and days of sorrow.”

He continues, “On June 15, 2009 history repeated itself in the student dormitories and this time with bullets from heavier guns…”

Majid Tavakoli ends his letter by expressing his happiness to hear that his fellow schoolmates have continued to persevere against authoritarianism and he expresses his strong belief that everyone will soon celebrate the realization of their vision of a free and democratic society.

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