Text of Letter from the Children of Kurdish Political Prisoner Anwar Hossein Panahi

HRANA- The son of Anwar Hossein Panahi a Kurdish political prisoner has written a letter to human rights organizations regarding the plight of his father who was arrested for his political activities. Below are excerpts of his letter obtained by HRANA.

To the high ranking officials of the world, the UN Human Rights Council, and international human rights organizations.

You are all aware that my father has spent three years in prison without reason. We cannot even imagine what he has been through over the last three years. Never mind what my family has gone through.

We have endured the hardship of our father being away for three years and not having him with us has brought us great pain…Three years of not knowing or having any information about his plight has brought cold days and nights…For three years at a young age we watch as our friends leave school for home, excited to see their mothers and fathers while we, with faces full of pain and broken hearts, depart for home with hope of seeing our father only to be faced with despair. We hope that no one has to be denied the love of their father.

Our expectations were crushed on a Saturday in 2008 when feelings of hopelessness filled our household. Our father was sentenced to death on charges of being a “mohareb” by the revolutionary court in Sanandaj.

Talk of his execution, talk of hopelessness and despair filled our days. Our last hope to save our father Ashraf Hossein Panahi (our uncle) was taken from us when an unknown person ran over our uncle while he was on his way to deliver 5,000 signatures to the lawyer pursuing my father’s case. Our only light of hope was taken from us. Only after asking for assistance from international organizations was my father’s sentence reduced to sixteen years in prison. Now as my father suffers from broken ribs and a severe infection, officials refuse to allow my father to return to us and receive the proper medical attention.

Indeed, he is not deserving of this treatment. We ask for help for all those who support human rights and the rule of law so that we can free our father. We need the help of all defenders of human rights and those willing to lend a helping hand.

In the hope that all those imprisoned are freed.


Mahtab, Milad, and Mashid

Children of Anwar Hossein Panahi

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