For Omid’s Birthday, a Letter from Saeed Shirzad

HRANA News Agency – July 19th was the birthday Omid Alishenas, the civil Activist of ward 8 of Evin prison. For this reason, Saeed Shirzad the political prisoner of Rajaee Shahr prison wrote a short letter to him which has been delivered to HRANA.

The full text of the letter is as following:

Your name contains the beauty of prison!

Hello Dear Omid,

I wrote these lines while you’re behind the bars of Evin and I am at Goharshad’s Blood stained cell.

These days which is your birthday, you spend behind the bars with self-compulsion that you remain on it, you didn’t sale the dignity to the sad flavor of our town street. You tolerate ten years of imprisonment with all the difficulties and sadness not to sale it out to the beauty of freedom.

Dear Omid, your name contains the meaning of beauty in the prison, let those who have put you in the prison surprisingly understand the meaning of being sentenced and give you a gift not from illiteracy to literacy, May they got the flavor of the colors and smell of the street on you and your birthday in the prison.

Although you are there and I am here, let them know that they cannot get our sadness and our happiness, our tears and laughter so further they can’t get the hope of freedom from us.

Never can they get the wings of the red dove of freedom, the dove which our friends made a house for it so that it could still keep flying.

Birthday in the prison has a different red color of that dove which you and I follow.

Dear Omid, I wanted to write for your birthday a note but I wrote about everything except your birthday! Happy birthday and my gift is the everlasting gift of the red doves, flying for the freedom and hopping for tomorrow.

Saeed Shirzad July 2015 Gohardasht prison

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