Mehdi Khodaei, A True Narrator / A Note from Prison

HRANA News Agency – A prisoner wrote a letter based on his observations from ward 350 to stress on the need of a better identification of the prisoners and the political activist and to introduce the Seyed Mehdi Khodaei, the human rights activist who recently was released from the prison.

A copy of this letter was delivered to HRANA. The full text of this letter is as follows:

Most of the political prisoners in Evin prison and particularly in ward 350 can be a witness that Seyed Mehdi Khodaei was an effective prisoner on different prisoners’ behaviors since 2009.

During his 5 years of imprisonment, Mehdi Khodaei published a book titled “Multiple Approaches on Human Right” and at the same time translated “The Atlas of Human Rights” until he was released, a large part of the book “Human Rights and Women” was translated to Farsi which is still unfinished.

He also published multiple notes and papers with focusing on the Human Rights or strategies to deal with human rights violations in Iran.

He was an editorial in ward 350, founding member of the cultural council, broadcasting the movies, participation in hunger strikes to protest against the abuses which led to the martyrdom of Hoda Saber, Medical serious situation of ill prisoners and the attack on ward 350 on April 17 2015 (transferred to solitary confinement).

He was holding several classrooms with the subject of public discussions and human rights, also had friendly relationship with all the political and conscience prisoners and a strong presence at all ward events.

He had experienced living with some of the martyrs from ward 350 including Gholamreza Khosravi and Hoda Saber, his positive ethical features can be a highlighting point in our hearts and minds which introduces Mehdi Khodai as a true narrator of the most important political era’s in Iran.

No doubt that his experiences will be precious for the future and a new chapter of Iranian people’s struggle has opened in his political sphere.

Written by a prisoner from ward 350

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