Asadullah Asadi Tried in the Revolutionary Court in Tabriz

HRANA News Agency – The second and final session of the second day of interrogation of Asadullah Asadi was held in branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court in Tabriz on March 21st. This activist had been arrested on Wednesday, January 20th, and was released on the bail from prison on February 31st.
According to the sources of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), “disobeying police orders”, “propaganda against the system”, “disturbing public order” and “slogans and writings against the authorities” are the charges against him.
Mr. Asadi was arrested during protesting at the “violation of his rights by the Department of Education”.
Asadullah Asadi said to our reporter that his arrest was with violence and beating by three officers, then after being arrested he was sent to the police station of Tabriz in Amin Street and then transferred to the security police in Saeb Street.
He also said: “I was severely beaten by three officers, I complained there and was transferred to the Forensic but the soldiers found a knife inside my car and had threatened me that if I would not take my complaint back, they would raise this issue, so I had to withdraw.”
The activist said that his vehicle was seized by the officers.
He had been released from Evin prison about four months ago when he was on the medical furlough and his 5 years and 6 months imprisonment was over.
Doctor Asadullah Asadi, 51, is a resident of the city of Tabriz, retired employee of education Ministry and General practitioner (Health Doctor).
He was arrested by Tabriz intelligence officers in his way to work on 12th July 2010, and after several months lack of contact with his family and being held in solitary confinement, in detention centers of Tabriz Intelligence office and ward 209 of Tehran Intelligence Office, he was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months imprisonment by Branch 28 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge Moghiseh. The sentence was later reduced to five years and six months.
Mr. Asadi’s charges were announced as; cooperation with hostile governments and being a member of the MPRP.
One of the relatives of Asadullah Asadi, earlier had told HRANA’s reporter that; pressure and torture during 5 months of solitary confinement and interrogation in prison, made him suffer from imbalance mental health and serious problems, so that they agreed with his early freedom from prison. This prisoner had attempted suicide, due to increasing pressures in the prison in March 2011 in Evin prison. He was rescued by the other inmates.

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