Atena Daemi In The 15th Month Of Detention In Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – Atena Daemi’s case is still pending and despite the referral to branch number 36 of the appeal court, due to insufficiency of judges, this case has not been processed yet.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the case status of Atena Daemi, the imprisoned civil rights activist of Evin prison is still pending. Her family has been told by branch number 36 of the appeal court that the presence of at least three judges is required and due to availability of two judges, this case has not been processed yet.

Her family could attain dentistry visit permit for this prisoner who is suffering from headache and impaired eye vision and squint.

Despite the request for furlough, her family has been told that due to the case condition she could not be sent to furlough. The request for medical furlough has also been rejected.

Need to be mentioned that her family has requested for help from authorities like members of parliament, vice president office, human rights commission of Islamic republic of Iran, but no help has been offered by any of these authorities yet.

It should be mentioned that after publicizing images of her previous transfer to the hospital, by the media, the treatments of this civil activist was stopped and the security authorities warned her and her family that “you are on the Red Line and that’s why we are not going to give permission and letter for her transfer to outside the prison.”

Atena Daemi had requested several times for being sent to a hospital but every time the security authorities reminded her about the published photos of this civil activist with handcuffs when she had been transferred to hospital, and had refused to transfer her and mentioned that she is on the “Red Line”.

Atena Daemi, 27, was arrested on 21st October 2014 and was held for 57 days in solitary confinement under investigation. She was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment because of her peaceful civil activities and on charges of propaganda against the regime, gathering and collusion against national security, insulting the leader, insulting the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran and concealing evidences of the crime. The decision has been sent to Branch 36 of the Appeals Court to appeal but by the time of this report still no decision has been announced.

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