The List Of 27 Political Prisoners Being Kept With Ordinary Prisoners In Urmia Prison

HRANA News Agency – A List of 27 political prisoners of Urmia Prison who are held in ordinary wards, on contrary of principal of separation of prisoners according to the (alleged) crimes, is released.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), a number of political prisoners who are serving imprisonment along with those convicted of drug and violent crimes have repeatedly been beaten by them in addition to the overcrowding hygienic condition. Their frequent protests for being transferred to the political ward have not been successful so far.
In the latest case of two political prisoners named, Alireza Ayoubi and Rahman Rashidzadeh have been beaten by the inmates with violent crimes but instead they were sent to the solitary confinement after complaining.
The full names of political prisoners of Urmia Prison who are being held in different sections of the prison, is compiled by reporters with the date of arrest, sentence, ward of prison and city of origin as follows:

1 Qader Mohammad zadeh March 2004 14 yrs Ward 4 Boukan
2 Faeq Najafi June 2014 4yrs+6mnth Ward 4 Urmia
3 Karim Zamani June 2014 2yrs+6mnth Ward 3 Urmia
4 Hossein Najafi June 2014 3yrs+6mnth Ward 3 Urmia
5 Faramaz Najafi June 2014 2yrs+6mnth Ward 4 Urmia
6 Ali Ahroum June 2014 2yrs Ward 3 Makou
7 Saman Mahmoudi June 2015 3yrs Ward 4 Urmia
8 Heshmat Ne’manpour October 2014 1yr+6mnth Ward 5 Urmia
9 Masoud Ne’manpour Sep 2015 Undecided Ward 5 Urmia
10 Rauf Mohamadali March 2015 10yrs Ward 5 Urmia
11 Farhad Ariai Dec 2012 7yrs Ward 5 Urmia
12 Alireza Ayoubi June 2014 2yrs Ward 5 Urmia
13 Siamak Azmiri March 2014 Life Ward 5 Urmia
14 Mostafa Samii June 2014 15yrs Ward 13 Makou
15 Bahram Maroumi March 2014 2yrs Ward 13 Urmia
16 Ali Yeganeh Sep 2014 Undecided Ward 13 Makou
17 Diako Rasoulzadeh March 2013 Undecided Ward 13 Mahabad
18 Hossein Othmani March 2013 Undecided Ward 10 Urmia
19 Hasan Rastegari Oct 2014 17yrs Ward 20 Urmia
20 Rahaman Rashidzadeh Spring 2014 3yrs Ward 13 Urmia
21 Kamran Jafari Oct 2014 Undecided Ward 13 Urmia
22 Touraj Esmaili Nov 2015 Undecided Ward 13 Urmia
23 Mohamad Maroumi Nov 2015 Undecided Ward10 Makou
24 Saeed Balai Nov 2015 Undecided Ward10 Makou
25 Qotbuldin Nov 2015 Undecided Ward10 Makou
26 Adel Abdullahzadeh Oct 2015 Undecided Ward 4 Urmia
27 Kaweh Hayati Nov 2015 Undecided Ward 4 Urmia


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