Authorities Encourage Financial Criminals To Attack Political Prisoners

HRANA News Agency – Several political-security prisoners in ward seven of Evin prison were beaten by financial prisoners and were transferred to the prison infirmary. A number of financial prisoners in the anniversary of the revolution in 1978, chanted provocative slogans referring to the political prisoners, which faced the reaction of political prisoners.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the prisoners attempted to chant provocative slogans like “Down with seditious”, “Down with the anti-Faghih Leadership” and after the protests by the political prisoners, they attacked them.
A number of political-security prisoners have said that this action was carried by the encouragement of some officials of ward seven.
After that the doors of ward 7 were closed and traffic was possible only in the presence of Especial Guards.
This is to say that Saeed Razavi Faqih was listed as one of the political prisoners who was beaten because of the protest and had been transferred to prison infirmary and then was returned to the ward.
Attacking to and harassment of political prisoners at Evin prison by financial prisoners is not new and despite prisoners’ complaint, the judicial and prison authorities have not addressed this issue yet.
More than 80 prisoners with political and security charges are kept in ward 7 in Evin prison, along with prisoners of financial crimes, against the principle of separation of crimes.

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