Authorities Prevent Mehdi Khodai from Being Released

HRANA News Agency – Although a quite long time has passed from the time that Seyed Mehdi Khodaei should had been released from prison, but his family was threatened to pursue his case, by the authorities of Branch 54 of the General and Revolutionary Appeal Courts in Tehran, when this imprisoned human rights activist’s family chased his case in this Branch.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), during the last days judge Poor Arab, president of the court of the Appeal, Branch 54, had told the family of Mr. Khodaei, that with regard to the application of Article 134 of the Penal Code Act 2013, their son’s sentence has been reduced from 7 years to 5 years. As he has spent more than five years and a half of his imprisonment, his family attempted to follow the process of his freedom, surprisingly, authorities of Branch 54, behaving offensively, gave them a warning, with respect to any follow-up on the situation of the case.
It should be noted that judge Poor Arab, orally, had informed the lawyer and family of Mr. Khodaei, that by the application of Article 134 of the Penal Code and the accumulation of offenses, the sentence of Mehdi Khodaei would be 3 years, but during the recent days and after increasing the pressure by the security organizations, his sentence was increased to five years. However, and despite the lapse of more than 5 years and 6 months of Mehdi Khodaei’s imprisonment, for some unknown reasons, still, they are illegally preventing his freedom.
Mehdi Khodaei is a former student activist and secretary of the Islamic Association of Shahre Rey University and a member of the Human Rights Activists in Iran, who was arrested in 2008 and 2009, by the Ministry of Intelligence and Revolutionary Guards Intelligence service and subsequently in two separate cases on charges of “Gathering and Collusion”, “Propaganda against the regime” and “Human rights activities”, was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, in total. He has been held in Evin prison, since 2nd March 2010, till now.
Mr. Khodaei has not suspended its activities within this five years and a half imprisonment and  despite all the Restriction and various pressures, has continued his activities by translation, research works, organizing and participating in various lessons and gaining deeper knowledge by himself and his  fellow inmates regarding the Human rights issues.

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