Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekounam Prevented from Being Sent to the Hospital

HRANA News Agency – Despite doctors’ advises the prison officials have refused to send Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekounam to medical centers outside the prison.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), despite the excessive rise in blood pressure, among other illnesses of Ayatollah Nekounam, prison officials have refused to send him to the hospital.
A close source to the imprisoned cleric told HRANA’s reporter: “Since July 26, his blood pressure varies between 20 and 22. His blood pressure is only controlled by sublingual tablets. This is the only medication that the prison medical services have provided for him. Health doctors have announced that he should be sent to a hospital outside the prison for more advanced treatments but still officials prevent him from being sent to the hospital. ”
Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekonam, Shiite Marja and dissident cleric, was held in Qom prison with a sentence of 5 years imprisonment. After about 18 months imprisonment on June 23, he was transferred from prison to his home, but after a short time he was arrested at his home, on July 7, and again was transferred to Saheli prison in Qom.
In the previous reports it had not been clear if he was out of prison for furlough or on parole.In such a short time of freedom, security forces were monitoring the commuting to the house of Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekonam and imposed illegal restrictions on his ties and calls, although he was not in the prison.
Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekonam, one of teachers of Madrasah in Qom, was arrested in the wake of a critical speech and was sentenced to five years imprisonment by the Special Court for the Clergy.
It should be noted that, HRANA had published the relevant documents about this Shia Cleric, his medical condition and his case, in a detailed report.
In recent weeks letters in support of Mr. Nekounam Javad were published by his pupils or students of a seminary including   letter of 128 students to Javad Larijani, head of the Human Rights Council of the Judiciary.

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