Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekounam Returned to Prison from Hospital

HRANA News Agency – Imprisoned dissident cleric, Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekounam, who previously had been transferred from prison to a hospital, despite the advices of doctors, was returned to prison.
According to the report of the Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), despite the insistence of doctors in the hospital on the inability to endure the imprisonment by Ayatollah Nekounam which is approved by Forensics of Tehran, on the orders of the Special Court for the Clergy, this prisoner was returned to prison.
A close source to Mr. Nekounam with announcing this news, in an interview with HRANA’s reporter about his diseases, explained: “He has had a stroke in solitary confinement and at the Special Court Clergy detention, and they returned him to prison without the process of his treatment being completed which results in complications such as blood sugar and high blood pressure, drooping eyelids and loss of vision, the left side of his body is paralyzed and he has heart, kidneys and thyroid failure”.
The source also said: “He endured twenty months imprisonment and is 68 years old so he is eligible to use the parole, but the Special Court of Clergy by violating the fact, returned him to prison while he was ill and do not let him to stay in the hospital.”
Ayatollah Nekounam had been transferred to a hospital outside the Saheli prison in Qom
By the SCC, on Monday August 1.
Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekonam, Shiite Marja and dissident cleric, was held in Qom prison with a sentence of 5 years imprisonment. After about 18 months imprisonment on June 23, he was transferred from prison to his home, but after a short time he was arrested at his home, on July 7, and again was transferred to Saheli prison in Qom.
In the previous reports it had not been clear if he was out of prison for furlough or on parole.In such a short time of freedom, security forces were monitoring the commuting to the house of Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekonam and imposed illegal restrictions on his ties and calls, although he was not in the prison.
It should be noted that, HRANA had published the relevant documents about this Shia Cleric, his medical condition and his case, in a detailed report.

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