Ayatollah Nekounam Deprived of Medical Treatment in Qom Prison

HRANA News Agency – The physical condition of Ayatollah Nekounam in Saheli prison in Qom is unsuitable. Ayatollah Nekounam suffers from blood pressure and blood sugar with loss of vision while he is prohibited of accessing essential medicines in prison by the officials.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekounam, Shiite Marja and dissident cleric, who is held in Saheli prison in Qom suffers from blood pressure and blood sugar.
A close source to Mr. Nekounam told in an interview with HRANA’s reporter: “Despite his medical problems, prison authorities prohibited the Ayatollah of accessing the pills of metformin 1000, 160 Valsartan combination with other drugs related to liver problems which were prescribed by the doctor, this is the first tangible sign which has caused the deterioration of his vision.”
The source told about the reason of this behavior: “It appears that these restrictions are done intentionally and with the approval of the SCC, they want commitments such as admission of silence of Mr. Nekounam that he has refused to accept, they even have prevented him from write letters in the prison.”
The source emphasized: “The prison food is too high in fat and salt, and forensics in the city of Qom has said that he could endure the imprisonment only if he would be brought his diet food from outside the prison, but the Special Court has violated this issue.”
It should be noted that, Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nekonam, one of teachers of Madrasah in Qom, was arrested in the wake of a critical speech and was sentenced to five years imprisonment by the Special Court for the Clergy.
HRANA had published the relevant documents about this Shia Cleric, his medical condition and his case, in a detailed report.

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