An Azeri political prisoner on hunger strike in Tabriz Prison

HRANA News Agency- Latif Hasani, a political prisoner in Tabriz prison went on hunger strike since 10 days ago.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Latif Hasani, the political prisoner in Tabriz Central prison, went on hunger strike from 18th May, to protest the violation of political prisoners rights, violating the principle of separation of crimes in prisons, and political prisoners legal rights including the right to transfer them to their home city, leave permission and also to protest the harassment of the families of political prisoners who began a hunger strike.
One of his relatives who wanted to stay anonymous told to HRANA reporter that “He was transferred to the prison’s clinic due to heart palpitations 4 times in 10 days’ time and sometimes it was quite severe”.
At the moment, Latif Hasani is kept at ward 8 of Tabriz Central prison, so called occupational therapy ward. He is suffering from severe heart problem.
Latif Hasani was arrested along with four other Azeri activists, Mahmoud Fazli, Shahram Radmehr, A’yat Mehrali Beiglo and Behbood Gholizadeh, early 2012.
They are all members of Central Committee of “Yeni Gamooh” Group and each of them is sentenced to 9 years imprisonment and after couple of month exile to Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj, they are in Tabriz Central prison now.

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