Bahareh Hedayat came to a three days furlough

HRANA News Agency – Bahareh Hedayat, the student activist came to a three days furlough after months of being imprisoned.


According to the report of Kalemeh website, this student activist came to a three days furlough on September 5. 


She is one of the members of strengthening unity and of the political prisoners who was arrested after the 2009 presidential election and has been sentenced to long term imprisonment.


The appealed court issued her last verdict as nine and a half years imprisonment which is the longest issued verdict a student activist since the foundation of Islamic student unions in the universities.


But Bahareh ended up to has10 years imprisonment verdict as she got another six months imprisonment verdict while she was serving the first one.


Bahareh Hedayat was born in 1981 is a student activist in the economic science university of Tehran and women movement and the member and spokesperson of strengthening unity. She is one of the activists in charge of one million sign campaign which is for changing the anti-women laws and arrested several times. Bahareh was arrested several times and imprisoned for a while on June 12, 2006, July 9, 2007, July 13, 2008 and March 21, 2009.


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