Two more executions, one in public

HRANA News Agency – According to the report of the Iranian official sources a prisoner has been hanged in Imam Hussein square of Ilam on Wednesday September 4.


According to a report by ILNA Ali Kamali Rad, one of the officials of Ilam province justice department said: “The prisoner who was identified as “J-H” 23 years old and from Ilam has been sentenced to death on charge of murder.”


He added: “He was charged with killing a young man identified as “A-M” and claims to do it because of family conflicts.”


The age of this prisoner has not been told so there is a guess that he might me under 18 when he has committed this crime.”


Kurpda news agency also has reported the execution of another prison identified as Younes Asadi in Sanandaj prison. According to this report he has been executed on charge of rape and after being 18 months in the prison on Wednesday September 4.

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