Bahareh Hedayat Is Being Illegally Kept in Prison

HRANA News Agency – Keeping Bahareh Hedayat in the prison, despite the execution of the new Islamic penal code and especially article 134 of this act, is illegal and she has to be released.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), with the execution of article number 134 of the Islamic penal code, the continuation of the imprisonment of Bahareh Hedayat is illegal and she should be released immediately.

An informed source told HRANA’s reporter, “the prosecutor has prevented the execution of article 134 and the freedom of Bahareh Hedayat”, he continued, “Her imprisonment does not have legal logic anymore. The executive court has refused to accept the responsibility of that, and has stated that a letter was sent to branch number 54 in which they had requested her freedom to be considered. But, number 54 is saying that they have not had received any letter”.

He added, “Of course the prosecutor does not allow political prisoners case, to be handled independently and it has to be through the prosecutor”. ”After the pressure that was created in media regarding this case, prosecutor sent the letter, but the suspended sentence that should have been calculated at the beginning, is added to the case at this stage. This is currently illegal. Because this sentenced should have been inclusively calculated and then would be sent to the executive branch”.

This informed source about performing of article 134 on Bahareh Hedayat’s case told, “Currently the article 134 is contemplated on 7 and half-year-in prison and then two years are added; this is illegal, and even branch 28 of the revolutionary court, judge Moghiseh, disagreed with that”.

Need to be mentioned, previously, the executive officer, Mr. Nasirpoor, had stated that her sentence is finished.

Bahareh Hedayat, born in 1982, is a student activist of Tehran University and women’s rights activist, member of and the spokesperson for the Office for Consolidating Unity. She was arrested in January 2010, and after spending months in the solitary confinements under interrogation, was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison in branch 28 of the revolutionary court, with chief judge Moghiseh, on charges of collusion against the regime, insulting the supreme leader, insulting the president and propaganda against the regime.

The revolutionary court, also added the suspended sentence of two years in prison of Bahareh Hedayat in which she was charged with acts against the national security by organizing a rally on June 12, 2006, and sentenced her to 9 and half years in prison. The branch number 54 of court of appeal confirmed the sentenced.

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