Malek Mohmmad Abadian; under Detention for 3 and Half Years

HRANA News Agency – After three and half years of detention of the Malek Mohammad Abadian’s family in Sistan and Baluchistan, the revolutionary court of Zahedan is denying to release them on the bail, although the Supreme Court has cancelled the death sentence.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Zahedan’s judiciary is refusing to release the Abadian family on the bail, despite the promises and freedom of the others. Malek Mohammad Abadian is currently imprisoned in Zahedan prison along with his two sons.

A member of his family told HRANA’s reporter, “Officials just promise and do not even define a certain date. The court said that by the order of Zahedan prosecutor they would be released, and the prosecutor promises something else and technically we are in limbo”.

According to this family member previously it was promised that Malek Mohammad Abadian would be released after Ramadan, but few months after Ramadan, nothing has happened yet.

Malek Mohammad Abadian, Javad Abadian, Hadi Abadian, Abdullah Abadian, Jaber Abadian, Golmohammad Balidehei, Nezamoddin Mollazadeh and Moulavi Abdullah Mollazadeh (Rasak town’s Imam), were arrested in March 2012, on charge of the murder of Moulavi Jangi Zehi and acts against the national security. According to the sentences of Zahedan revolutionary court with chief judge Mah Goli, Moulavi Fathi Naghshbandi was sentenced to 15 years in prison and exile to Khalkhal, Moulavi Abdulghafar Naghshbandi was sentenced to 13 years in prison and exile to Ardebil, Malek Mohammad Abadian, Javad Abadian, Jaber Abadian and Nezamoddin Mullazadeh were sentenced to death. This sentence was denied by the Supreme Court and a while ago, Moulvi Naghshbandi was released on 5 bollion Tomans bail, but his followers remained in custody.

Also, the family of Moulavi Jangi Zehi has presented the prisoners innocence and requested for their freedom multiple times in letters to Zahedan’s revolutionary court, persecutor office and the Supreme Court.

The daughter of Malek Mohammad Abadian had described the condition of the family as critical: “my father and two brothers are still in prison and my younger brother was arrested after a while and because he was 16 he was sent to the juvenile delinquency, and he is in a bad condition. Our family is being mentally and economically destroyed. We need our father more than ever. My younger sister was very dependent to my father and now she has become sick. All of the people who could work in this family are now in prison, and we are really helpless. At least they can release our father on the bail”.

Need to be mentioned, Moulavi Mostafa Jangi Zehi, was the Rask’s Imam of Sunni community in Sarbaz city of Sistan and Baluchistan, who was murdered in Chabahar, along with another person.

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