Behnam Mosivand; Beaten, Harassed and Deprived of Proper Medical Treatment

HRANA News Agency – Behnam Mosivand, sick political prisoner in Rajai Shahr prison was beaten and harassed with handcuffs and shackles, while being sent to the hospital on wheelchair because of not wearing prison uniform on December 12. Although he eventually was sent to the hospital but he was returned to prison again without receiving the necessary medical services.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Behnam Mosivand, political prisoner in Rajai Shahr prison was transferred to the prison infirmary because of medical problems.
A close source to the prisoner told HRANA’s reporter, “At the deployment branch where is in front of the office of Mohammad Mardani, head of prison, he was beaten and harassed with handcuffs and shackles, while being sent to the hospital on wheelchair because of not wearing a prison uniform by a number of official staff. He eventually was sent to the Rajae hospital in Karaj.”
He added, “In the hospital one of the police named Mehran Ghaderi who was responsible for prisoners who were sent to hospital, prevented performing medical examinations of Behnam and kept him on the wheelchair for more than six hours. Eventually Behnam was returned to the prison without treatment and deliberately was kept at inspection while being in a critical condition.”
The source added at the end: “Witnesses who have seen Behnam during being returned from the hospital said that they had seen blood stains on his clothes.”
It is worth mentioning Behnam Mosivand, civil rights activist, who was sentenced to 1 year in prison along with Arash Sadeghi, Golrokh Irai and Navid Kamrani in one case, summited himself to prison on June 12 in order to serve his three years sentence, due to fact that his conditional 2 years in prison came into effect, after his newest case. He was transferred to hall number 10 of ward number 8 of Evin prison.
Behnam Mosivand was exiled to Rajaei Shahr prison on October 6, 2016 and after 17 days, was moved to hall 12, ward 4 of political prisoners.
Arash Sadeghi, Golrokh Ebrahimi, Navid Kamrani and Behnam Mosivand had been arrested last time at their workplaces on September 6, 2014.
According to informed sources, their arrest was by acts of violence.
These activists’ trial was held by the Court of Appeal at Branch 54 in July 2015.
The court order was announced in Branch 15 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court in their presence, on August 21, 2015. According to the verdict; Arash Sadeghi was sentenced to fifteen years, Golrokh Ebrahimi to six years and Navid Kamrani and Behnam Mosivand to 18 months of imprisonment. The sentence of Mr. Kamrani and Mr. Mosivand were reduced to 12 months in the court of appeal.
Arash Sadeghi, Behnam Mosivand and Navid Kamrani had a history of arrest and imprisonment before this case.

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