Behrouz Alkhani, Political Prisoner Close to Execution | Photos

HRANA News Agency – Death sentence of political prisoner, Behrouz Alkhani, was confirmed in Supreme Court and he is close to execution.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Behrouz Alkhani was arrested in 2009 along with 15 men convicted of cooperating with PEJAK.
After several months, he was convicted of murdering of Khoy’s attorney general and was sentenced to death.

His verdict was confirmed in Supreme Court.

He has passed 1 year and six month in jail and most of this period, he had been held in solitary confinement in Urmia’s intelligence office.

“He has been tortured a lot; his leg had been pierced by electric drill and his hand’s fingers been broken, his head been hit by electric shocker and so on.” Behrouz’ brother told HRANA’s reporter.

In spite of these tortures, my brother did not confess the murdering and the only Evidence in his case is the witness of one of my brother’s friends who said he saw my brother was worried at that night.” Behrouz’ brother continued.

“Behrouz is innocent and had no role in murdering attorney general, even the family of attorney general did not complain, and now his complainant is public” his brother also said.

Behrouz Alkhani’s health is deteriorating due to his tortures and once his court was postponed because of this reason. As doctors say, he should be held in a hospital out of prison, but authorities reject this request because of the sort of his crime.

Behrouz is also convicted of carrying and holding weapon, sentenced to 10 year in prison. His brother says about this: “security forces did not discover any weapon when he was arrested, but only attribute the charge of murdering, they attributed this charge.”

Akbar Akbarlou is one of those who was arrested with Behrouz Alkhani and was sentenced to 13 year in prison and now is released.


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