Catastrophic Situation of Working Street Children

HRANA- Investigative research done at Beheshti University on Iran’s street children shows that these children suffer from a multitude of physical and mental health problems.These children often have very poor reading and writing skills, communication skills, and are underdeveloped emotionally.


According to the research, 73% of these children suffer from eye conditions, 61% have respiratory illnesses, 64% have heart problems, 69% have hearing problems, and 82% suffer from conditions of the skin.Additionally, the majority of these children suffer from anemia and they are underdeveloped physically.

According to Sharhzad News, 56% of street children are illiterate.The research has found that the many of these children have problems with aggression and have been sexually abused.Many turn to drugs and are unable to maintain healthy relationships.

Researches assert that these children have the ability to excel in all areas if they were afforded even the bare minimum of educational and social services.

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