People Protest Against Police and Judiciary in Khomeynishahr

HRANA News Agency – Residents of Khomeynishahr in Esfahan Province gathered in front of the courthouse to protest against the police and the judiciary officials who have failed to investigate several rapes that occurred during a celebration in a garden near the city.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), eyewitnesses have said that a number of men equipped with non firearm weapons attacked a family gathering, kidnapped the male guests and raped the women before fleeing the premises.It has been reported that a pregnant woman was raped during this incident.

While this crime was occurring, one of the victims attempted to contact the police by placing an emergency call, but this plea for help was ignored.Afterwards, when the public heard the victims’ stories, the citizens of Khomeynishahr became outraged and gathered in front of the courthouse in protest.

During this rally, Khomeynishahr’s Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor assured the protestors that his office will find the perpetrators of this crime and will punish them to the full extent of the law.He further added, “Twelve suspects have been identified, and four of them have been arrested.The rest are being hunted down by the police.”

Although one week has passed since this crime took place, state media and news agencies have not reported the incident and prevented the news from being disseminated.Additionally, there have been contradicting accounts of police intervention which has sparked the most recent protest.


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