Children’s Rights Activist Zohreh Sayadi Imprisoned in Evin Prison

Children's Rights Activist Zohreh Sayadi Imprisoned in Evin Prison

HRANA, Human Rights Activists News Agency- Zohreh Sayadi, a dedicated advocate for children’s rights and a resident of Tehran, was sent to Evin Prison on May 30, 2023, to commence her one-year sentence. Despite her ongoing medical treatment and deteriorating health condition, authorities proceeded with her imprisonment, disregarding the unbearable toll it will have on her well-being.

An informed source, speaking to HRANA, disclosed that the Tehran Court of Appeals upheld Sayadi’s one-year sentence on Monday, May 29, immediately summoning her for the execution of this prison sentence. The following day, Sayadi appeared before the court, only to be arrested and subsequently transferred to Evin Prison. The source further revealed that Sayadi is battling cancer, and her incarceration has disrupted her critical medical treatment.

On December 10, 2019, security forces apprehended Sayadi at her Tehran residence, taking her to Evin Prison. After enduring a 13-day period in custody, she was finally released on bail.

Sayadi holds a degree in literature and is an activist dedicated to safeguarding the rights of children, mainly orphaned children, those affected by child labor or lacking proper documentation.

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