Civil Activists Arrested Across the Country

HRANA News Agency – Security forces arrested a number of civil activists throughout the country during a coordinated operation on February 1. Some detainees including Saeed Eghbali and Saeed Seifi are denied of having visitors in Evin Prison.
According to the report of Human Rights Activist News Agency in Iran (HRANA), during a coordinated effort by security forces around the country, a number of civil society activists, mostly known and formerly detained, were arrested, on Thursday February 1, 2018.
According to reports, Saeed Eghbali, Behnam Mousivand, Saeed Seifi Jahan, Nader Afshari, Dariush Zand, Shima Babaei, Mahmoud Masoumi are some of those arrested on February 1.
Another person from Gilan province has been arrested, too but his/her identity is still under investigation by HRANA.
In the latest reports received by HRANA, Saeed Eghbali and Saeed Seifi have been transferred to Ward 209 of Evin Prison, and they were informed that until the end of the detention order, which is 2 and 1 months respectively, they are deprived of meeting with the family and the attorney.
It has also been reported that Saeed Seifi Jahan’s file was transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office of Branch 6 of Shahid Moghaddas in Evin Prison.
The status of Dariush Zandi and Shima Babai has not been reported until the moment of setting this report, although unconfirmed reports have been received about transferring these two civilians to Evin Prison.
Among the detainees, there is still no information available on the condition of Behnam Mousivand. He suffers from heart disease and this has concerned his family and relatives, as he has not heart medications with him.
It has been reported that along with the arrest of these people, Nader Afshari was arrested by security forces in front of the “Park Shahr”, on February 1.
In a phone call, security forces told his family that he had been transferred to Evin Prison.
Leyla Farjami is another civil activist who was arrested at her home at the same time and was transferred to an unknown location. But hours after her arrest, she was released.
On the other hand, Mahmoud Masoumi has also been in contact with his family and told them that he has been transferred to Evin Prison.
Considering the location of keeping these people, it seems that the Ministry of Intelligence is responsible for arresting these activists.

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