Civil Rights Activists in Salmas Were Released on Heavy Bail

HRANA News Agency – Several activists who were arrested recently in Salmas County [West Azarbaijan Province of Iran] have been released on bail.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), following the recent arrests in Salmas, the bail for Saleh Jahangiri and Mostafa Jahangiri was set at approximately $20,000 each.  Farzande Panirak’s bail was about $40,000.  The bail for Mohammad Atmani-Baheek and Amir Shahrvand-Tehrani was around $10,000 apiece.  Three members of the Christian community in Karaj, Saleh Jahangirzadh, Hamid Najafe and his wife, Mahzr Najafe, were also released temporarily after each posted a $15,000 bail.


Detained in mid March, Mostafa Jahangiri, Saleh Jahangiri, Farzande Panirak and Mohammad Atmani were locked up in Salmas’ intelligence agency for the duration of their arrest.

It must be noted that in recent weeks, several civil rights activists from Salmas County were arrested by security officers.

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