Probable Death Sentence for Dutch-Iranian Citizen

HRANA- The chief judge of the 15th Circuit of the Revolutionary Court, Judge Salavati, is expected to sentence a Dutch-Iranian citizen to death.  He has handed down numerous death sentences for those arrested during the events surrounding the 2009 elections.
According to the Human Rights and Democracy Activists weblog, forty five year old Zahra Bahrami an Iranian born Dutch citizen was arrested during the Ashura protests of December 27, 2009.
Zahra Bahrami spent eight months in solitary confinement in ward 209 of Evin Prison and was denied access to a lawyer.  She objected to not having access to a lawyer while in court on Monday August 16, 2010.

Judge Salavati, the presiding judge, informed her that she is being charged with being a “mohareb” or “waging war against God” for membership in a monarchist group which carries with it a sentence of death or life imprisonment.
Interrogators of the Ministry of Intelligence have accused her of being a “mohareb”, spreading propaganda against the system, membership in a monarchist group, and forming an anti-government organization.  She has denied the charges.
Forty five year old political prisoner, Zahra Bahrami has two children.  She is a Dutch-Iranian citizen who was traveling to Iran to see her child.  She was arrested during the Ashura protests and was subjected to barbaric psychological and physical torture. Interrogators from the Ministry of Intelligence in the ward controlled by the Revolutionary Guard in Karaj’s Gohardasht Prison and ward 209 of Evin prison subjected her to medieval methods of torture and pressure, forcing her to make a televised confession later broadcasted on state-run television.

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