A Civilian Killed in the Police Custody in Tehran

HRANA News Agency – Nader Dastanpour from Tehran died in police custody as a result of the consequences of being beating during his detention including brain damage and not being transferred to the hospital. On June 23, he was arrested and a day after the detention it was announced that he had died.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Nader Dastanpour died in the custody of Police Station 127 of Narmak of Tehran as a result of the consequences of being beaten during his detention including brain damage.
A source close to Dastanpoor family by announcing the news told HRANA’s reporters: “Nader was the second son of the family. On Thursday, June 23, the residents of the house were asleep when police knocked on the door. The elder son of the family opened the door but prevented them from entering due to lack of judicial order but by the increasing number of agents, they broke the door and then after entrance beat family members severely and used tear gas.”
The source added: “Nader and his brother were moved to the custody of Police Station 127 of Narmak after being arrested and a days later, were sent to branch 7 of judicial court. Despite visible signs of being beaten, the judge sent them back to the detention center by extending the detention order instead of sending them to a hospital.”
The source also explained about his death: “In detention Nader’s situation got worse and other detainees rampaged but it did not work and even agents instead of transferring him to the hospital, mocked Nader and he died in the arms of his elder brother due to cerebral hemorrhage. After an hour the ambulance came and the body was transferred and kept in Kahrizak morgue for 5 days and was eventually buried by his family.”
He also said at the end: “The family does not know the reasons for the attack on the house and the arrest. The father of Dastanpoor family also provides petition by local signatures and the question is whether or not the authorities will be held accountable? The agents did not initially have the order to enter the house. The prosecution said the ruling was not given to them, but recently they said that they had received the order through telephone.”
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