Condition of Behrouz Javid Tehrani Unknown after Transfer to Solitary Confinement

HRANA – No news is available on the condition of Behrouz Javid Tehrani, the political prisoner featured in one of the two videos released last week by HRANA exposing the torture and rape of prisoners in Rajaiee Shahr prison.

In the aftermath of the videos’s release, intelligence and prison authorities have transferred a number of prisoners to solitary confinement in order to discover how the videos were recorded and sent out of the prison. Mr. Javid Tehrani was transferred to solitary confinement on May 31st.

According to information received by HRANA, a group of other prisoners had collected a number of personal items for Mr. Javid Tehrani’s use, but prison officials refused to accept or deliver these items and stated that it is not permissible to send any items for prisoners being held in the solitary ward, particularly for Mr. Javid Tehrani.

There is also no news about the conditions of Bahram Tasviri and Mohsen Beykvand, two other Rajaiee Shahr prisoners who were recently transferred to solitary cells.

Like Mr. Tehrani, Mr. Tasviri appeared in one of the videos released last week; where he talked about his inhumane treatment by prison authorities and described how his arm and leg were broken under torture by prison guards. Mohsen Beykvand suffers from burns on his body. All three prisoners require immediate medical treatment and their transfer to solitary cells poses a serious threat to their health due to lack of medical care.

Behrouz Javid Tehrani is one of the victims of the July 9, 1999, uprising. He, along with Bahram Tasviri, Mohsen Beykvand and a number of other prisoners are being tortured in Rajaiee Shahr prison. They have recently been transferred to solitary confinement following the publication of two videos revealing the torture and rape of prisoners in Rajaiee Shahr prison.

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