Supreme Court Affirms Two Executions by Firing Squad

HRANA – The Supreme Court affirmed the execution sentences of two Kurdish political activists on Sunday, June 6.

According to information received by HRANA, the Supreme Court has affirmed the execution sentences issued by the Military Court for two Kurdish political prisoners, Mohammad Amin Agooshi and Ahmad Poulad Khani, and their defense attorneys have been notified thereof.

Mohammad Amin Agooshi, who has been in Orumiyeh prison for 20 months, is a retired school teacher. He was arrested in 2007 and sentenced to death by firing squad by the Military Court.

Similarly, Ahmad Poulad Khani, from Piran Shahr, was arrested in 2007. He was tried by the Military Court of the City of Orumiyeh on charges of espionage and membership and cooperation with Kurdistan Hayat party (PEJAK) on December 3, 2009. He too was sentenced to death by firing squad.

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