Critical work condition in brickworks workplaces

HRANA News Agency – While the work-season of brickworks starting from April, some labor activists believe that employers do not provide the least healthcare standards in brickworks.

According to a report of ILNA, whatever brickworks workers have got are the remains of the time after revolution that employers had to provide welfare services for workers and all of the facilities and services such as home, kitchen and restrooms got very old after 34 years and after decades are ruined places now.

This condition made life for brickworks workers very hard and they have faced critical health conditions always.

Due to this situation Pirooz Cheraghi the head of brickworks syndicate of Yaftabad area described the health and first aid services in brickworks as under zero in his interview with ILNA.

“Usually there is no first aid or any urgency medical packages in these workplaces and if something happens to a worker there will not be any medical aid to help the worker, then officials have to open clinics for brickworks”, he added.

Brickworks workers number reduction

In the other hand according to ILNA reports the number of workers of brickworks reduced compared with before. The reason of this reduction should be searched in wages and changes in building materials.

Gholamreza Abbasi the head of Tehran brickworks syndicate mentioned escape of brickworks workers and declares that “Employers were dealing with workers in inappropriate way and workers had to escape. These employers used non-Iranian residents in the past years also and in terms of wages did not pay the agreed wage to workers.”

Necessity of delegations of investigators to brickworks workplaces

According to labor laws the investigators of the ministry have to haunt to small, middle and big workplaces and if they do their duty then the number of accidents and casualties in the workplaces will reduce so much. It is very clear if the observations on employers not be enough then  the rights of workers will be abused easily.

Pirooz Cheraghi says that “Rarely it happens to send the investigators and observers by work ministry to observe the conditions in brickworks workplaces in Yaftabad area.”

Necessity of more labors unions presence

Independent labors unions presence could help the observers of work ministry and insurance to recognize and understand the problems of workers better.

Gholamrez Abbasi objected the point of view of governmental officials to labors unions duties and says “Every time that something in terms of workers rights was followed by labors unions the officials responding in a way that their duty was manipulated while the duty of the labors unions is to help officials to recognize the problems of workers and try to achieve their rights.”

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