A death row prisoner is transferred to solitary

HRANA News Agency – At least one suspect to murder in ward three of central prison of Zahedan is transferred to solitary confinement for execution preparation.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Haj Rashid Rigi, who was arrested 11 years ago on charge of murder and sentenced to death, has been transferred to solitary confinement, today at noon, in order to execution be carried out.


One the prisoners of Zahedan’s prison said to HRANA’s reporter: “Haj Rashid Rigi (53 years old) is transferred from ward 3 of central prison of Zahedan to solitary confinement, in which sentence would be performed tomorrow at dawn, 5:30 am.”


This source addressed the probability of more transfers of those who have a similar sentences, to solitary confinement.

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