Death Sentences of 3 Sunni Prisoners Commuted by the Supreme Court

HRANA News Agency – After the “Black Monday” in Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj when by transferring 37 Sunni prisoners under tight security measurements to solitary confinement, at least 20 of them were executed, reportedly the execution of three Sunni prisoners have been canceled and they were sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the death sentences of three Sunni prisoners namely Taimor Naderizadeh, Farzad Shahnazari, Farshid Naseri have been rejected in the Supreme Court and after returning to branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, their sentences have been changed to 15 years in prison.
A close source to the prisoners, explained to HRANA’s reporter in this regarding: “The sentences of the prisoners had been confirmed by the Appeals Court and they were the co-defendants of some of the executed Sunni prisoners. According to the lawyers of the prisoners, the sentences have been violated and they were sentenced to 15 years in prison by branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran headed by Mr. Salvati.”
Need to be mentioned on Black Monday of Rajaei Shahr prison, after unprecedented raid of black uniformed prison guards, 37 death row prisoners of ward number 10 were transferred to solitary confinements under security condition with handcuffs, shackles and blindfolded. According to the judiciary, the sentences of at least 20 of them were executed. However, some others unofficial sources estimated that up to 26 prisoners were executed.
HRANA had reported that Farshid Naseri, Barzan Nasrollah Zadeh, Seyed Jamal Seyed Mousavi, Farzad shahnazari, and Taimoor Naderzadeh were the 5 prisoners who had been transferred to hall number 7 from solitary confinements later.
Also in another report, HRANA published a video of the defenses of 4 prisoners before their executions.
Need to be mentioned that at least 11 Sunni prisoners in Rajaei Shahr are in danger of being executed. Among them, only two prisoners, including one minor were saved from mass executions. Due to recent unprecedented mass executions they are serving along 49 other prisoners, including 9 with death sentences, in fear of being executed.

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