Death verdict of three accused of stick-up is confirmed

HRANA News Agency – The death verdict of three prisoners who are accused of stick-up is confirmed by the supreme court.

According to Mehr News report, death verdict of three prisoners who did stick-up in Tafihan and Mahmoud Abad villages close-by Fars province, is confirmed by the supreme court. 

Three of them accused to a murder during the stick-ups and harassing people.

Related to this case Fars province police had arrested 4 guys whose names are Alireza, Mojtaba, Ayoub and Ebrahim.

After forming the dossiers and indictments their case was sent to Shiraz revolutionary court.

In the trial session the envoy of judge explained the indictment as “In this dossier Alireza and Mojtaba based on enmity against the God through one stick-up with harassing the victim Jamal and killing him, and involvement in nine more stick-ups and faced to the complaint of 48 people, two stick-ups which the victims were Afghani, intimidating people by weapon and involvement in abductions, also keeping weapon, rape by using weapon, disobeying the police forces warns and destroying the car of the traffic police purposely.”

Also Ibrahim and Ayoub accused to enmity against the God through involvement in two times stick-up with harassing people which faced them complaint of seven people, intimidating people by weapons, involvement in abduction and illegal weapon dealings.

The judge sentenced Alireza, Mojtaba and Ibrahim to death and Ayoub to exile for 15 years in Sistan and Balouchestan according to article 183, article 185 part A, article 189 including its B part, and articles 190, 194 and 120 of Islamic rules .

“The accused men objected the verdict and their dossier was sent to the supreme court for more investigation. The supreme court’s judges confirmed the verdicts according to the dossiers, issued verdicts and defence statements”, Judge Emrani, the head of supreme court office says.

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