Dr. Hani Yazerlou is arrsted

HRANA News Agency – Dr. Hani Yazelou, the political activist is arrested.


According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Dr. Hani Yazerlou who had been sentenced to 1 year of prison and 15 years of exile by the judge of branch 26 of Tehran revolutionary court, Yahya Pir Abbasi, had been arrested to serve his sentence.


One of his relatives who wanted to be unknown told to HRANA: “The security forces came to Dr. Yazerlou’s house Tuesday morning, but because he was not at home they return after some hours and when Dr. Yazerlou comes home they arrest him with the order of enforcement court of Evin and transfer him to the prison.”


“It was written in the order that Dr. Yzerlou must go to the prison between 21st May and 21st June. But despite his objection on the basis of having one more month they arrest him.” He added.


He said: “We do not have exact information about his condition, but he is believed to be transferred to section 350 of Evin prison.”


Hani Yazerlou had been arrested on May 2011 in his house and was released after some months on the bail.


He had been sentenced by the branch 26 of the revolutionary court of Tehran to 1 year of prison and 15 years of exile in Iranshahr but the branch 36 of the appeal court changed it to 1 year of prison and 15 years of exile in Mashhad.


He was charged with propaganda against the government because of the interviews he had when two of his sons and his wife were in the prison and the authorities were refusing to release his sin – Houd Yazerlou – although he had served his imprisonment sentence.


Dr. Hani Yazerlou was the political prisoner in the Shah’s time and also in the 80th. He was again arrested in the May 2011 when His sons, Hamed and Houd Yazerlou and his wife, Nazila Dashti were serving their imprisonment sentences.

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