demonstrations in two universities

HRANA News Agency – The students of Tabriz Azad University and Urmiyeh University protested against changing the schedule of exams.


According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on Monday at noon the students of Tabriz Azad University gathered in protest to moving the exams from July to June because of the presidential elections.


In this gathering the students chanted slogans such as “We protest, we need time”, “The brave student, support, support!!”


As well the student of the Urmiyeh University protested with releasing a statement with the sign of almost 600 students.


Also the protests resulted severe reactions of the Urmiyeh University officials that even Jomhour Ghiasi the representative of the students faced charges such as “disturbing public”, “turbulence during election time” and “collapsing the Islamic Republic regime”.


The protests started because the high education ministry issued the exams schedule which moved the exams from July to June to have the universities closed on election days.

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