Dr. Taheri is still on hunger strike

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Ali Taheri, one of the founders of theosophical movements in Iran is in hunger strike for more than two weeks.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mohammad Ali Taheri the prisoner of conscience in the security ward 2-A started hunger strike in protest to the prison situation many times and currently since more than two weeks ago started hunger strike again and there is no news about his health condition.

Mohammad Ali Taheri was arrested for the third time on May 4, 2011 afterĀ  several short-term arrests and sentenced to seven years imprisonment, 74 lashes and 910,500,000 tomans fine by judge Pir Abbasi in branch 26 of Tehran revolutionary court.

He has been in confinement most of the time since he has arrested.

Mr. Taheri got 6 days medical furlough after two years imprisonment because of his health condition.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri is the founder of infra medicinal treatment and scientology and holder of several honorary doctorate, certifications and gold medal from different countries such as Belgium, Romani, Russia and South Korea because of scientific and theosophical achievements.

A while ago the name of this Iranian researcher mentioned in the report of United Nations Human Rights Committee as one of the 13 elites whom their rights have been violated in Iran.

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