Extensive Raids in Tehran and Isfahan: 17 Bahais Arrested

HRANA News Agency – On February 16 and 17, security officers raided and searched the homes of Bahais in Tehran and Isfahan, and arrested 17 Bahais.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), in Tehran, the homes of Sasan Yadegar, Ehsan Yadegar, Arghavan Eshraqi and Mehrdad Furqani were raided, and all the books, desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones were seized.

Five Bahais were arrested, in line with arrest warrants, and the officers also had a warrant for the arrest of Mrs. Arghavan Eshraqi, who was not at home at the time of the raids. All those arrested in Tehran are reported to have been taken to Evin prison.

On February 17, security officers in Isfahan raided the homes of Mr. Kavian Dehqan, Houshang Rahimi and Peyman Atefi and confiscated computers, mobile phones and books. They arrested 12 Bahais. There is no word of where they are being held.

Those arrested In Tehran have been named as Mrs. Elham Karam Pisheh, Mona Mehrabi and Mrs Akbari, with Mr. Mehrdad Furqani and Mr. Safa Furqani. Those arrested in Isfahan are named as Mrs. Nika Rajabi, Mona Aqdasi, Shiva Aghsani and Negar Sobhaneyan  and Mr. Kavian Dehqan, Aref Dehqan, Shayan Kawthar, Peyman Atefi, Kaushar Rahimi and Houshang Rahimi.

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