Fahimeh Isma’ili Released after Serving 12 Years

HRANA News Agency – Fahimeh Isma’ili, an Arab political activist, was released from jail after being imprisoned for 12 years. The husband of this political prisoner who was arrested at the same time was executed on charge of Moharebeh in 2006.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Fahimeh Isma’ili (Badvi), political activist, was released from Yasuj Prison after her serving her sentence.
An informed source told HRANA’s reporter: “Mrs Badvi was extremely tortured in the Ahvaz Intelligence Bureau detention center, and was even beaten by the officers in the Yasuj prison, repeatedly and had been transferred to hospital.”
Fahimeh Esma’ili (Badvi) was arrested on November 28, 2005, while she was pregnant for eight months, along with her husband, “Ali Motirinejad”, an Ahwazi Arab political activist.
A month later, their daughter, “Salmi”, was born at the Ministry of Intelligence detention center in Ahwaz. This Arab prisoner was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment by Ahvaz Revolutionary Court and her husband was sentenced to death on charge of “Moharebeh”.
The death sentence for her husband, Ali Motirinejad, along with ten other Arab political activists, was executed on December 19, 2006, and Fahimeh Isma’ili was exiled to Yasuj central prison to endure her sentence.

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