Gathering of Karoon Supporters in Ahwaz

HRANA News Agency- On Thursday 4 September, 2014, hundreds of Ahwaz citizens gathered at Kianpars bank of Karoon River on a request by Environmental Activists in support of Karoon and to protest against the process of transferring water from it.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on 4 August, 2014, hundreds of protestors gathered in support of Karoon River in Ahwaz at 6:00pm. The protest took place at Ahwaz Central Library on a request by Environmental Activists to complain about the transfer of Karoon River water to other cities which can endanger this river’s existence. Protesting Environmental Activists formed a human chain and demanded an urgent attention from “FAO organisation”, “UN” and “Gary Lewis the UN Resident Coordinator in the Islamic Republic of Iran” to this river’s situation and asked them to help stopping the process of transferring water from it.
Protesters hold placards with slogans in English, Farsi and Arabic. They invited international organisations to assist them in preventing rivers from dry up, especially Karoon River and its pounds to avoid tragedy.
See the pictorial report in the followings:
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