Gonabadi Dervish Arash Moradi Faces Eight-Year Prison Term

Gonabadi Dervish Arash Moradi Faces Eight-Year Prison Term

Arash Moradi, a Gonabadi Dervish currently held in Evin Prison, has been handed an eight-year prison sentence by the Tehran Revolutionary Court.

Presiding over Branch 29 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court, Judge Ali Mazloum detailed Moradi’s sentencing as follows: two years for “disturbing public opinions,” one year for “propaganda against the regime,” three years for “blasphemy,” and two years for “insulting the former and current Supreme Court of Iran.” The cumulative punishment amounts to eight years of imprisonment.

Citing Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code, which stipulates that the most severe penalty should be applied in cases involving multiple charges, Moradi is slated to serve three years in prison.

A reliable source close to Moradi’s family informed HRANA of a notable development during the legal proceedings, where the charge of “disseminating false information” was altered to “disturbing public opinions.”

Furthermore, the court had previously dismissed charges of “assembly and collusion against national security” and “inciting people to violence.”

Moradi was apprehended on October 17 by security forces at his workplace in Kashan and subsequently confined to Ward 4 of Evin Prison.

This is not Moradi’s first encounter with the legal system, as he was previously detained during the 2018 Dervish protests, resulting in a one-year prison sentence. Following the completion of his sentence, Moradi was released from the Great Tehran Penitentiary.

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