Hamid Babai Transferred To The Hospital

HRANA News Agency – Hamid Babai, political prisoner of Rajaei Shahr prison of Karaj, was transferred to the hospital after two years of continues efforts regarding his hearing problems.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), after being transferred on December 30, to Imam Khomaini hospital in Karaj, his problem is recognized as ruptured eardrum, and after giving prescription he was asked to be returned with the results of the examination after a week.

Khodabakhshi the prosecutor’s representative and the former prosecutor assistant of prison, had rejected the request for being transferred to the hospital during past two years.

Mr. Babayi has been deprived of having visit and one of his friends said that prison authorities are preventing him from receiving books and medicine.

Hamin Babai was arrested on August 13, 2013, by the intelligent service, when he returned to Iran for a family visit. In a short trial session, judge Salavati sentenced him to 4 conditional years and 6 definite years in prison on charge of espionage in favor of conflicting governments. This sentence was confirmed on the appeal court.

He was immediately transferred to the solitary confinement in ward 240 of Evin prison, and after 20 days was transferred to ward 209 and finally after 35 days in solitary confinement to ward 350 of Evin on September 16, 2013.

During mass transfer of prisoners of ward 350, he was sent to ward 7 and then 8. After protesting to the bad condition of the prison, he was transferred to Rajaei Shahr prison in February 2014. Very recently he has been transferred to hall number 12 where political prisoners are being kept in.

Hamid Babai was born in 1983 in Takab in West Azerbaijan province and is married. He is graduated from Sharif University of Technology in the major of mathematics. After his bachelor he started his master degree in Science and Technology University in the major of industrial engineering and finished it with GPA 18, and graduated with distinction in 2009.

According to the close sources to Hamid Babai, he did not have any political activities during the time he spent abroad and he has been arrested for not cooperating with the intelligence service and neglecting their threatening requests.

This imprisoned student has been deprived of having a lawyer. He has stated that the assigned lawyer, not only did not defend him but also worked as the prosecutor.

Previously two university in Belgium published an announcement and demanded retrial and imminent release of the Iranian student.

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