Hashmatollah Tabarzadi refused to attend hearing

HRANA News Agency – Hashmatollah Tabarzadi, a Political Prisoner at Ward 12 of Karaj Rajaee Shahr Prison refused to attend a hearing.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), today, it was announced to Hashmatollah Tabarzadi (without any previous communications) that he has to go to Shahid Moqaddas Court at Evin to attend a hearing.
While Hashmatollah Tabarzadi refused to attend the hearing, he said: “I would refuse to attend any hearing until I receive the official communication from the court and such notice provides the reasons for summoning me.”
Hashmatollah Tabarzadi is the secretary of Democratic Party in Iran and has been arrested and has been imprisoned for 10 years before. On 28 December 2009 he was arrested and sentenced to 9 years imprisonment.
This journalist used to be the Chief Editor of magazines such as “Payam Daneshjoo”, “Nedaye Daneshjoo”, “Hoviyate Khish” and “Gozaresh Rooz”.

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