HRANA Published Full Text of Behruz Alkhani’s Court Sentence

HRANA News Agency – The following pictures are taken from Behruz Alkhani’s court sentence. He has been transferred to solitary confinement to be executed and had the last visit with his family already.

In the lack of transparency of Iranian judiciary, HRANA publsihed the court sentence to make the situation clearer. According to this sentence, despite accepting some charges under pressure, Behruz Alkhani has been denying the charge of murdering Khoy’s prosecutor and has stated that the act of terror was done before he would be active.

The intelligence agency’s reports have a great influence on the court process and the issued sentences so some parts of the sentence are not necessarily Mr. Alkhani’s confessions.

Peyman Alkhani, Behruz’s brother confirmed that he has been transferred to the solitary confinement and had the last visit with his family.

Behruz Alkhani, son of Fares, born in 1985 in Salmas, was arrested along with 15 others on January 27, 2010. He was first charged with cooperation with PJAK but after some months faced a new charge, namely “involvement in murdering Khoy city’s prosecutor”. He was sentenced to death by branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court of Uremia with chief judge Chabok.

His case was then sent to the Supreme Court where the death sentence was canceled and his case was sent to branch 10 of the Appeal Court of East Azerbaijan Province. The appeal court upheld the death sentence.

Behruz Alkhani appealed once more and the case was again sent to the Supreme Court. It was said that the Supreme Court has made yet no decision.

He was also sentenced to 10 years in prison on charge of holding gun. However close sources to him state that at the time of arrest there were no guns found on him.

Close sources to him state that because of tremendous pressure on him during interrogations he had been dealing with mental problems during last 5 years.

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