HRANA’s Daily Review of Protests in Iran

HRANA’s Daily Review of Protests in Iran

On Sunday, July 24, at least five protests took place in Iran.

A group of farmers who are cultivating rapeseed gathered in front of the Governor’s Office in Behbahan to demand the rest of the payment for their sold rapeseed crops to the government.

A group of the Yazd Telecommunication Company’s staff gathered in front of the company’s central building. According to these protestors, four months after the new year, their salary and benefits have not yet been increased.

A group of students of the Sharif University of Technology protested against the food subsidy cuts for summer terms.

In Kermanshah, the pensioners of the Social Security Organization protested against an insufficient increase in pensions.

A number of residents of a district in Shahrekord, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, gathered in front of the Governor-general’s office to protest against the farmland allocation.

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