Hunger Strike at Uremia Prison Ended after 33 Days

HRANA News Agency – 27 political prisoners at Central Prison of Uremia ended their hunger strike after 33 days.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), political prisoners in Hall 12 at Uremia prison had been on hunger strike from 20th of November to protest against the lack of crime based wards separation and the pressures by the office of Ministry of Intelligence on prisoners who have certain convictions.
Hunger Strikers ended their strike at 11 o’clock p.m. on December the 21st after prison authorities attended the ward and acceded to the demands of political prisoners.
One of the prisoners of Uremia prison told HRANA’s reporter: “The prison authorities promised to accept all of our demands and they transferred 32 apolitical prisoners from Hall 12 and transferred 13 political prisoners back to Hall 12. However there are still 20 apolitical prisoners left in the Hall 12 and rule of crime based separation has not been fully complied.”
The source also added: “The authorities promised that Hall 12 is entirely assigned to political prisoners and all political prisoners will be transferred to that Hall.”
He also stated that: “We have been asked from outside the prison that due to our serious health condition, we put an end to our hunger strike …”
It is to say, Alireza Rasooli, who went on hunger strike to protest against the lack of medical treatment, is still continuing his hunger strike.

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