Hussein Ronaghi Maleki Summoned And Arrested By The Prosecutor Of Tehran

HRANA News Agency – Hussein Ronaghi went to Evin Prison by introducing himself to the prosecution of Tehran after subpoena of prosecution based on the detention of the bail.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Hussein Ronaghi’s father after confirming the news said that his son was arrested after going to the office of prosecution. Hussein Ronaghi Maleki had announced on his personal page that he would introduce himself to the prosecution on Wednesday.
Tehran’s prosecutor had announced to a person who had left the bail by the warning on 20th December that if he would not show up within the next month, his bail would be escheated.
Mr. Ronaghi by publishing the letter of warning on his Instagram said: “The insistence for returning me to the prison in such conditions and considering my situation is incomprehensible and illegal while according to Article 502 the parole can keep me out of jail. Meanwhile doctors of inspection organization of prison said that conditions of prison for keeping a prisoner with my condition was not suitable.”
Hussein Ronaghi had been sent to the medical furlough from ward 7 of Evin prison for continuation of the treatment by relapse of the illness and doctors’ opinion, on Wednesday 17th June.
He previously had been released from ward 350 of Evin prison because of serious kidney problems and risk of losing his kidney but was summoned to the prison again for unknown reasons in March 2015.
Hussein Ronaghi Maleki, human rights activist and blogger, was arrested on 13th December 2009.
Branch 26 of the revolutionary court after 10 months of detention in ward 2-A of Evin prison sentenced him to 15 years in prison on 5th October 2010.
The charges against him were “membership in the Iran proxy network, insulting the leader and insulting the president.”
This sentence was confirmed at branch 54 of the appeals court and Hussein Ronaghi was transferred to ward 350 of Evin prison.

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